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Healthy relationships are just as important for fitness too!

Most of us have had family members, friendships and even significant others in our lives who seem to bring us down. Maybe you still have …

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Pros and cons of a contest prep

December 2018 I decided to finally begin my first competition prep. I would say my desire to compete began a couple years before actually beginning …

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Five Lower Calorie Options For Your Sweet Tooth

Are you like me and have a sweet tooth? When you are a fan of desserts, dieting can make you feel deprived, especially because the …

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I'm Alice.

Hi I’m Alice and welcome to my blog! Self empowerment and living a healthy lifestyle is my passion. I truly believe a healthy lifestyle is so much more than just physical fitness. The journey toward a true healthy lifestyle begins with your mindset!  My platform is dedicated to inspiring others to be their best through creating their own healthy lifestyle.

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I have gone back and forth for so long between diets, workout routines, weight loss crazy ideas and products (pills, wraps, juicing, detox, etc.) and was never satisfied. I would give up when I didn’t see results fast enough or life took over. I continued to have the mentality of “I’ll start again on Monday.”

When I first spoke with Alice, I was hesitant on the whole idea of undergoing another weight loss journey because I knew how much I had tried and failed at this before, but I decided to try one more time! Right from the start, I felt like Alice understood my struggles and really listened to me on what I wanted as well as what had stopped me before. She made a plan that let me ease into starting this new lifestyle without overwhelming myself or making it hard on my daily routine.  Not only have I lost pounds already, but I have also started having more confidence in myself. Self care before working with Alice was nonexistent, but now is a daily routine. I wish I would have started working with her sooner!

-Stephanie, 31

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