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Discipline to stay disciplined


Note: The below blog post is written by a good friend of mine Ramah Johnson. Like Ramah I know many of us struggle with the type of discipline required at times to move forward with our fitness and lifestyle goals. When I really think about it, the below is relevant to any goal you have. Personally I have found myself stuck in that trap thinking of “I will start my diet on Monday.” Eventually I got tired of starting all over again and adopted a lifestyle for myself that fell more in line with my goals. Ramah provides some great tips below for those of you who are getting starting or finding yourselves starting over again. I hope you enjoy the real talk below! 

It’s a struggle. I know what I need to be doing but sometimes …

When I have a paper due, etc. my house is never cleaner. Give me an excuse to not do something I should be doing. Do I need to go for a run? Yes, but hold on these clothes need to be washed. Oh, and do I see a cloud? It might rain so I better go to the gym. Crap I had treadmills, and all the ellipticals are taken so I guess I should go home and finish watching The Wire.

What I lack is the discipline to stay disciplined, not very consistent. Nothing is immune. I like to pick up hobbies, get really excited and set up, do just a little and then life happens, and it falls to the wayside. The last several years it has been working out. My midsection has gotten fluffier over the years, and it’s always displeasing to my eye.

I got familiar with the gym, stocked up on some leggings and started out strong. Then with any roadblock it always falls apart – a long day at work got sick, kid’s sick, you name it. If I had a dollar for every time, I said, OK the diet starts again Monday. I could hire a private chef actually to cook me healthy food.

Having identified my personal obstacles, I tried everything I can; knowing I don’t have the self-propelling nature to stick to something. I have dabbled in spin, hot yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, even a half-marathon all fleeting in keeping me on track.

I’ve done those Instagram fashionable cookie cutter personal trainers. A marginally famous trainer that has people sign up for a program over 6-8 weeks. When the time comes, we get a pamphlet to figure out how to tailor to ourselves and a private Facebook page to commiserate on. That didn’t last long for me as the community was mostly confused and complaining and the program required a metric ton of spinach in one sitting.

So here I am, despite and with any progress I’ve made I’ve always ended up right back here. I look around for another program that will hold me to account. Maybe there isn’t one out there for me, it’s up to me to do it myself. Stop making excuses and blaming circumstances for my inconsistency.

So what is the takeaway here? Why am I rambling on about my struggles? Mainly therapy. But for real, where do I go from here? How do I finally crack the code? I think I’ve come up with strategies that hopefully will get me to my goals.

  1. Ease into it. It’s easy to get so excited, and next thing you know you’ve stocked up on leggings and water bottles and hit the new pricey gym 6 days a week. Maybe just relax a little, don’t burn out.
  2. When you falter, be patient with yourself. Don’t go off the rails. Get your balance back and keep moving forward. Keep moderation in mind.
  3. Find strength around you. When I doubt myself, I try to absorb the support and encouragement of those that love me provide. If it’s a down moment, sometimes it’s just as simple as being the human that my dog sees with that big dumb smile.
  4. Most days, to put it bluntly, it sucks. There are times I go run, and once I get going, it isn’t too bad. There are days I go out, and it pretty much is awful the whole time, but that’s OK every little bit counts. When you may take time just getting out, there is a win for the day.

Again, the diet starts on Monday. But maybe the diet doesn’t start on Monday, this time I’ll just be a little better this Monday.

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