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Five Lower Calorie Options For Your Sweet Tooth


Are you like me and have a sweet tooth? When you are a fan of desserts, dieting can make you feel deprived, especially because the good stuff seems to be packed with all the extra calories. As my overall calories have gotten lower during my current competition prep, I have managed to find some great alternatives to the typical sweets I do tend to enjoy. Although my diet does consist of more nutrient dense foods the below options have been great to incorporate from time to time.

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

If you like peanut butter, this is a great alternative. Mix it with water and 2 tablespoons is 50 calories with less than 2 grams of fat. I also like to mix in a quarter of a tablespoon of honey!

Protein Cookie Butter Powder from

If you like cookie butter, but not the calories this is a great alternative. 2 tablespoons range from 45 to 60 calories. I’m a fan of all three flavors: Golden Cookie Sandwich, Cookies and Cream and Frosted Cinnamon Roll. You can mix it with water for a stand-alone snack or add to your greek yogurt and protein shakes!

Level 1 Protein from 1st Phorm

I used to have a challenge with eating enough protein and most protein powders don’t digest well for me, but Level 1 is low temperature processed so it’s a great meal replacement option for me. The flavors are amazing and it doesn’t give me bloat at all! My favorites are Ice Cream Sandwich and Cinnamon Cookie Batter. I will either use this product as a meal replacement when I need to or mix some in with my egg white “pancakes” or greek yogurt. You can get free shipping by clicking on my link on the shop tab of my blog site.

Fit Wip Frozen Treat Mix

All you need is a cup of almond milk and some ice cubes to blend! The chocolate flavor is amazing and an entire bowl is only 140 calories. This stuff really does taste like soft serve!

Flavored Sparkling Water

Yep! When you’re on prep this can be a great go to (zero calories). My favorite brands are La Croix Passion Fruit flavor and Zevia’s blackberry flavor.


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