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Why I decided to make life a priority over a diet

It’s Sunday and I’m sitting in a coffee shop with a huge smile on my face. It feels amazing to sit in front of my laptop and actually write for a change. I started blogging as an outlet, but this summer has been a crazy transition period for me and my interests had to be put on the back burner.

Many of you who have followed me on this crazy fitness journey of mine know that over time my goals have changed drastically. I basically went from wanting to lose those last pesky “15 pounds” most women complain about to pretty much going into athlete mode with the intention to compete in my first bikini competition next year.

While I have been silent on my platforms, I have still been working toward these insane goals I have. To be honest, this summer has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me. The level of transitioning I have gone through was a new level of hectic. Many of you already know, but in case you don’t, I have had a job that has required me to move to a new place frequently for nearly 18 years now. I have gotten used to things, but this summer was a different type of transitioning. Basically I had to learn to juggle moving, job training at a different location for 14 weeks and I also went through some drastic changes in my personal life.

All things considered, I have been managing. I’m absolutely convinced taking care of myself, training in the gym, prioritizing sleep and eating a healthy diet has helped me push through all this craziness in a way I never thought would be possible. I’ve managed to stay relatively sane despite my personality to constantly feel like I have to always push myself.

I basically tend to feel like I have to do it all. Can any of you relate? You know the feeling of having to be spot on all the time and always work toward something? I think this is exactly the reason I got into bodybuilding as a hobby because it puts me in a place to keep working toward something. With that said, life being the way it has been for me I found it extremely difficult to do it all.

Competing and putting myself in a position where it finally makes sense to go for a goal like this has been a long time in the making. Over time it became a goal because of what I noticed was possible for me. What people don’t realize is to achieve a certain level of body fat that is not the norm takes a considerable amount of dedication. In reality it is extremely difficult to put focus on other priorities and do things well if you’re chasing toward a look that is below 20 percent body fat. I basically started a cut with my coach and several weeks into it realized I was burning myself out with all of the other obligations I had.

I got to a point where I was annoyed each day and was constantly stressed out. Finally I had to ask myself why I even needed to pursue this cut when my coach and I don’t even have any timelines at the moment.

My goal of competing is driving my goal to diet down, but realizing I have plenty of time to pursue this goal I prioritized things accordingly. Big picture, right now I’m very happy with the way I look and feel. My other physical goals are completely above and beyond that will also be temporary because it isn’t healthy or realistic to continue to look that way. Considering all of this, I decided to put the breaks on things.

What does that mean exactly? I decided to go into maintenance mode. After a month of cutting I achieved some results and wanted to just hold steady. I’d rather eat more and just train like a beast in the gym. For me following a sound diet and getting in the gym despite everything I had going on made the most sense for me. I also wanted to have some flexibility with my life and still feel like I could go out and just enjoy life. In the grand scheme of things a small pause in this journey of mine is worth the memories I’ve made and my sanity.

I absolutely don’t regret making this decision. The truth is my coach was spot on. We have no timelines and there’s no need for me to resent the process. I’m living my life and I have not lost any of the progress I have already made. The truth is I’m still experiencing body composition changes despite the scale not moving. I’m no longer stressed and it’s fun feeling strong in the gym. The best part is my fire for this sport is slowly coming back now that things are leveling for me again. When the time comes to devote my focus to my crazy goal I will not resent the process and it’ll be much more enjoyable for me.

I’m about three weeks away from the final part of this summer transition. I will finally be able to get settled into a place and actually stay put for a second. The biggest lesson this summer has taught me was not to take simple things for granted. For example, having a kitchen really is amazing when you haven’t had one in over three months. I didn’t realize how much getting to do things like blogging and communicating on my platforms meant to me until I had to pretty much stop connecting for a period of time.

I definitely don’t regret any of the obstacles I have had to deal with this summer. I have grown, and navigating accordingly has made me a better person. Since I also coach others toward a healthy lifestyle it’s also been good to go through my own challenges because it helps me to offer better insights and ideas to those I help.

If you’re the type of person who feels like you have to do it all please know you’re not alone. It’s easy to get caught up in believing that taking on everything at once makes the most sense, but in reality it’s absolutely ok to take a step back and put your focus on other things depending on what you have going on in your life. I know I’m glad I did because the time is almost here where I’ll be putting my competition goals back up front and it’ll be a much better experience.

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