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An Open Letter To Those Who Are Loosing Patience

I understand! I hear you! You are unhappy, wanting something different in your life. You want a better body, the ability to earn more income, a thriving relationship with your significant other, better opportunities … I could go on, but I know you understand.

The current state in our country isn’t helping things. I’m sure many of you like me, thought 2020 would be your year. 2020 was supposed to be the year where you felt like you finally was going to start gaining momentum toward the things you want for yourself and all of a sudden it seems like the world shut down. The end result is everyone is on edge and stressed out. Nothing is normal at the moment!

My intent with this letter is to remind you and me that nothing and I mean NOTHING worth having comes without hard work, but there’s something else to this too. Nothing worth having comes without patience. Honestly, think about the times you’ve truly felt extreme gratification or accomplishment? I’d argue those moments came from time, patience and hard work.

Earning my master’s degree was an undeniable gratifying experience for me. Mostly because all I wanted when I started college was just to earn a bachelor’s degree. College isn’t something that is common in my family, but I was raised to take education seriously. I’m glad I did, but the time, work, patience and effort made finishing my degree extremely gratifying.


Loosing 80 pounds and keeping it off is something else I’m very proud of. Today, I cherish my body and strive to make choices to take care of myself. Knowing how much time and effort it took to get to a better place has helped me to want to continue to take care of myself. If it was easy for me to get in better shape in the first place, I’m not sure if I would appreciate where I am today.

Like many of you, I continue to have goals and desire new experiences. Covid has made things harder, but what if you focused on what you currently have and the overall big picture? Life is a marathon and not a sprint. I’m passionate about having patience when it comes to life because I have seen how rewarding things can be when we do have patience with ourselves.

If you find yourself not being where you want to be right now, start being honest with yourself. There are some basic questions you can ask yourself.

How often do you compare yourself to social media posts?

If you were able to achieve the one thing right now how would you feel? Would it drastically improve how you feel about yourself?

Are you truly willing to put in the work and time in order to have long lasting fulfilling results?

I left home 20 years ago, with no idea what I wanted in life, what I was good at and where I would end up. In my heart I knew leaving home was the best decision for me. Today, I sit here wanting to encourage all of you because my life has completely changed for the better.

We all tend to want better for ourselves. Understand the key to an abundant life is to be patient with what is required to get you to where you want to be. I am convinced Covid will be a thing of the past at some point. I am convinced all of the thrash I have experienced and the stress that has come with it will also go away. Normal life will resume and in the meantime just like you I’m asking myself the questions above and giving myself some grace. I hope you do too and realize you’ve got this and with some patience you will absolutely get to where you want to be.

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Our Stories Are By Design

God has helped to restore my confidence, inner peace, and filled the hole in my heart I have felt for years. He has given me strength to overcome some of the biggest obstacles in life and he will continue to be there for you too!

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