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Stop Picking Yourself Apart! Advice From A Woman Who Was In Your Shoes

Are you a woman who looks at yourself everyday in the mirror and hates what you see? Do you pick yourself apart because your body doesn’t look the way you want? AND have you ever used the terms gross, fat and ugly when you describe yourself?

The constant picking on yourself – this is your daily ritual and along with being unhappy you also draw in negative energy all around you! You complain everyday wishing you looked more toned and lean and yet you likely do not take much action to change anything do you?

I know these are pretty pointed questions, but I ask because I used to be just like this. I wasted so much time and energy not appreciating myself and could never focus on one positive trait or feature I actually liked about myself. Instead I would spend time comparing myself to others and wishing I looked more toned and athletic. The truth was I never could string along enough consistent good habits to get me to where I wanted to be.

Things eventually changed for the better. I learned how to properly eat and train. You all have already heard me rant about this before. The path I took to get me to my current state is NOT what you think. Basically I had to learn to eat and train like an athlete to look more like one. My journey also involved a lot of time and consistency. The changes I experienced did not happen overnight or within a month or two. Anyone who tells you anything different is likely not teaching you a sustainable healthy lifestyle in my opinion.

I want to circle back to my opening questions. If you’re a woman who doesn’t like what is reflected in the mirror, what are you actually doing to change things? As I have gotten further along with coaching others, and in my daily interactions with other women I hear a lot of the same things: “I know I have to be more consistent with my nutrition.” “I know I need to make it to the gym more.”
If you know these things, then why don’t you execute? I’ll explain exactly what I think is the main reason.

I think the biggest mistake many women make is when they do get started on their fitness journey they go too extreme too fast. Calories get unnecessarily slashed and ridiculous exercise programs are followed. Often women spend way too much time on the treadmills and spin class (not that cardio is a bad thing in smaller doses) when they should be picking up some weights and feeding their bodies a little more. Once something extreme is started within a couple of weeks these same women crash and basically give up because they are burnt out. None of the programs followed are sustainable, which results in not doing anything long enough to see any type of actual results.

When you make the decision you are truly tired of looking and feeling a certain way you definitely need a plan. Your plan should be something you can follow for a considerable amount of time AND sustain it for the long haul. Basically you want something that will help you get results, but also a plan to help you KEEP what your have worked so hard for.

If you are someone who has never exercised much, committing to 6 days a week in the gym may be a bit much. Start out by setting a goal of working out only a couple days a week and build your momentum and consistency from there. The same type of principle applies to your diet. Rather than cutting out all carbs or picking some other lame restrictive diet, start with a more moderate approach and find small things to scale back on. Slowly incorporate better habits. For instance, if you drink soda on a daily basis, try to aim for drinking soda a few days a week instead of cutting it out completely. You want to learn how to count macros and have no clue where to start? Try aiming for overall calories first and then incorporate more protein into your diet before focusing on macronutrient targets. Again, the idea is to start out small and then eventually you will pick up some amazing habits that will propel you forward.

Above all else give things time. Think about how much time it took you to get to your current state. Things did not happen overnight and took some time of building up bad habits to get you to today. Understand going in the other direction things will take just as much time if not more. As long as you’re willing to stay committed to a process, make good choices and take action you will get the physical results you want so badly.

The next time you catch yourself in the trap of hating on yourself. Immediately ask yourself “What am I doing today that will help me get to a better place?” If the answer is nothing then I highly encourage you to stop disrespecting yourself. Hating what you see in the mirror and picking yourself apart is not the best life decision. Instead it’s counterproductive to you becoming who you want and deserve to be. Start making one good choice today because your one step in the right direction will lead to a wonderful place.

As always I love hearing from you! You can contact me through my site! Xoxo!

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