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I have gone back and forth for so long between diets, workout routines, weight loss crazy ideas and products (pills, wraps, juicing, detox, etc.) and was never satisfied. I would give up when I didn’t see results fast enough or life took over. I continued to have the mentality of “I’ll start again on Monday.

When I first spoke with Alice, I was hesitant on the whole idea of undergoing another weight loss journey because I knew how much I had tried and failed at this before, but I decided to try one more time! Right from the start, I felt like Alice understood my struggles and really listened to me on what I wanted as well as what had stopped me before. She made a plan that let me ease into starting this new lifestyle without overwhelming myself or making it hard on my daily routine.  

Not only have I lost pounds already, but I have also started having more confidence in myself. Self care before working with Alice was nonexistent, but now is a daily routine. I wish I would have started working with her sooner!


-Stephanie, 31

Let me tell you about my friend Alice!

She has been an inspiration to see her transformation, not only physically but overall. She is so motivational and not judgmental because she’s been there. It’s all about doing what’s right for you and keeping at it – ups and downs included.

I signed on with her because I saw the amazing changes she has made and how she’s been a light to other people. She helped me with my diet by laying out a plan that was forgiving and easy – in fact it was almost more food than I could eat! She gave me the tools to make better decisions for me and find ways that work for my travel-heavy lifestyle.

I had a great time working with her and I lost about 7 pounds and counting, which doesn’t sound like much but I was skinny fat and wanted to focus on building muscle. I lost my fluff and never felt better physically and just gaining the confidence that I was capable of doing this! Thanks, Alice!

-Ramah, 37

Alice set me up on a plan to help reverse years of fad dieting. She’s been patient with me while I learned the process and the importance of compliance. So far, my weight has remained stable, yet my body is really starting to show muscle growth.

I’ve felt healthy and energetic, and haven’t been hungry at all! It’s refreshing to find a plan that is sustainable and permanent.

- Erin 36

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